Solar Residential

Residential Solar Home

The many benefits of solar energy in your home:

  • Solar Panels may reduce your electric bills immediately
  • Solar Energy can save you thousands of dollars in 25 years
  • The addition of solar can add to your home’s valuation
  • Adding a Battery and Smart panels can improve home resiliency and dependence on electric utility grids

Top 8 reasons to go Solar

  1. The solar industry is booming. The costs have come down, and more solar panels are being installed on the roofs of U.S. homes than ever. Don’t be left behind; join the solar revolution and take advantage of all it offers!
  2. Substantially reduce your monthly electric bill or completely eliminate it. You can potentially eliminate your electric bill entirely by producing your own electricity and selling back the surplus to the grid. If your utility does not support net metering, you can store your surplus energy with the use of a battery.
  3. Take advantage of Solar credits! Federal and state tax credits (depending on your state) are available to you when installing solar panels in your home. These tax credit incentives are subject to change, so take advantage of them today!
  4. You effectively lock in your electric energy bill for life by going solar! As we all know, energy costs have consistently risen over time. When you go solar, your price will remain the same without exposing your budget to energy market cost fluctuations.
  5. Neutralize your carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean energy that does not release pollutants or harmful environmental emissions—no more greenhouse discharges.
  6. Recent reports on home valuations are strongly indicative that installing solar in your home adds your solar investment to your home’s market valuation. This is of course subject to your local home market. 
  7. Complete electric energy independence. If you add a battery to store the surplus energy that your solar panels produce, you are no longer subject to your local utility company’s uptime. If the power goes out, you can still have electricity in your home!
  8. Solar panel installations are one of the fastest-growing job segments currently in the U.S. The growth has outpaced jobs in the fossil fuel industry at this point. By going solar you are also supporting the local jobs market.