Solar Commercial

Why Solar Makes Agricultural Sense?

Unlike any other industry, agriculture depends heavily on solar energy to boot, but the future of agroindustry is in implementing smart agriculture!

Smart agriculture refers to advanced farming management that utilizes innovative information and communication technologies to automate processes, analyze operations, and monitor conditions using the Internet of things (IoT), big data, and the cloud. Smart agriculture helps farmers enhance the quality and quantity of their goods for optimal efficiency.

These technologies need to be powered up, and the best, most cost-effective solution is solar, especially when the operation depends on farming in remote locations.

Additional Benefits:

  • Improve business cash flow by lowering energy costs of operations.
  • At the moment, the switch is supported by significant government incentives:
    1. The Federal 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – turns tax liability into a capital investment.
    2. Federal five-year MACRS depreciation
    3. Competitive annual USDA REAP Grants (funding up to 25% of project cost). 
  • Fosters energy independence for your farm by stabilizing the electricity rate.
  • An investment that helps keep the farm in the family for the next generation.